Dial Calipers, Dial Indicator & Outside Micrometer

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Dial Calipers / 6"

The 120 Dial Calipers are the only American made dial calipers. These calipers are used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. Features include direct reading, ease-of-handling, reliability and accuracy making these one of the handiest measuring tools available. This caliper features white dial, 0-6" range and .001" graduations. 6", White Dial, Fitted Plastic Case

Dial Indicators / 1.000" Range / 0-100

The Starrett 25 Series Dial Indicator has a shockless, hardened steel gear train and jewel bearings, except where noted. It is furnished with a lug-on-center back. Antimagnetic mechanism is optional for all models. Special non-shock mechanism is available for all models except 25-109, 25-209 and 25-116. 1.000" Range, Dial Reading 0-100, .001".

Dividers, 6" (150mm) w/ Solid Nut

Starrett 83 Series "Yankee" Spring-Type Dividers with Flat Legs and Solid Nut are made from a high-grade steel and well-finished. The legs are made of flat stock and are very durable. Calipers feature a hardened fulcrum stud, strong and flexible bow string, and centrally located leg adjustment to assure smooth action. Caliper size and capacity is 6". 6" (150mm) with Solid Nut assure smooth action. Caliper size and capacity is 6".

Outside Micrometer / 0-1" / .001

The Starrett 436.1 Outside Micrometer features 0-1" range, ratchet stop, lock nut, carbide face, .0001" Grad, Ratchet Stop, Lock Nut, Carbide Faces.