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Rail Tong


Rail Tongs / 6 TON

6 Ton Capacity exceeds AREMA specifications. Bigger machines, bigger track material, stronger tools: We have them! A strong, yet comparably lightweight rail tong Two handles for worker safety and convenience Automatically opens when lowered onto rail head Cast from high strength alloy steel Jaw profile designed to handle all rail profiles Rated for lifting - short sections of rail 5X safety factor After assembly, each tong is proof tested to 27,000 lbs (2-1/2 times the working load rating) The average vertical destructive force required to break the rail tong exceeds 100,000 lbs. Each tong is magnetic particle and pull test certified prior to shipping to maximize worker safety

Spike Puller

4 Ball Spike Puller, High Carbon Steel, 12" overall length

Rail Puller / 6 TON

RP-1 rail puller has the strength, versatility and ease of handling to make ribbon rail handling efficient. Cast steel and designed for standard rail handling Holds rails for removal from rail trains as well as positions rail accurately for welding Designed for easy attachment and removal Includes the R1157 locking wedge, which fastens securely to the puller, increasing hold strength and safety

Rail Puller - Cyclops 2

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