Button Punch Tool - Deck Crimping Tool - Seam Locking Tool - Punch Lock Tool


Deck Demon Deck Crimping tool - Button Punch Tool - Seam Locking Tool - Punch Lock Tool

•  Jaw Width: 1.75” Wide 

•  Constructed of Heat Treated Tool Steel 

•  Tool is used for button punching or crimping seams of metal deck for easier welding.

•  Tool is capable of button punching metal deck up to 16ga thickness.

•  Tool is provided with: (1) Dies 20/24ga / (2) Dies 16/18ga 

•  Dies are stored within the jaws of the tool

•  Ergonomically designed handles increase productivity with less operator fatigue. 

•  Handles screw perpendicular into the red crimp handles to avoid movement during crimping, and to adjust to different height individuals.


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