Superclamp R2 Rail Clamp 11,200lbs

Adjustable Universal Rail Lifting Clamps

Developed for standard rail sections, these clamps are adjustable and provide a reliable and secure grip on the rail when tightened. Its lightweight, versatile adjustablility and low maintenance requirements make these clamps a highly recommendable unit for all engaged in the rail industry.


  •          Designed to grip on all Standard AREA Rail & Crane Rail
  •          Positive grip through left/right threaded adjustable bar
  •          Lightweight & versatile adjustability
  •          No tools required
  •          Integrated lifting shackle
  •          Ideal for construction, erection and maintenance

Model R2
WLL at 0 degrees vertical lbs/kg 11,200 / 5080
Jaw grip adjustment STD Area Rail, Crane Rail and Trolley Rail
Inside shackle crown to spacer 4-1/4"
Average weight lbs 21