JAX Chemical Rust Remover

JAX Chemical Rust Remover is a rust remover and an effective pre-paint primer for iron and steel.

Using JAX Rust Remover is simple:

  • Prepare and clean the surface to be treated
  • Apply the JAX Rust Remover
  • Wash well with water and dry.

The JAX Rust Remover only removes rust on iron and steel. To ensure the best results, clean your metal of all oil, grease and wax. JAX manufactures metal cleaners that are optimal for prepping your metal, but there is no one cleaner that will guarantee perfection. Your choice of cleaner depends on what you are trying to remove from your metal. Regardless of what you use to clean your metal, we recommend using Dawn Dishwashing Liquid as the final step before applying the JAX Rust Remover.  Before applying the solution, remove loose rust with a wire brush.

Wearing gloves is highly recommended as to not introduce oils from your hands to the metal. To be safe, eye protection is always recommended.

To apply, either bush solution on with a bristle brush or soaking the entire object in the JAX Rust Remover.  Rinse the object with water and use a stiff brush to remove loose rust.

Do NOT dilute the JAX Rust Remover.

On particularly heavy rust, you may need to repeat the procedure a second time.

If the metal surface discolors, clean the object with one of the JAX Metal Cleaners. Use a polishing cloth to achieve your desired finish. Once you are happy with your finish, you may wax, oil, or Rust the metal as a final step, although in many cases leaving the metal “unprotected” may be desirable.

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