Fein KS 10-38 E Fillet Weld Grinder Kit

Compact fillet weld grinder for hard-to-reach areas. Flexible operation using the tool-free, rotating arm. Low-profile design for corners, angle and hard-to-reach places.Long belt drive service life due to maintenance-free tensioning system. Spindle lock for quick tool changes. Spark guard is adjustable and removable without tools. Electronic speed control. Made in Germany quality. H 07 Industrial-strength cable. Soft-start. Self-start lock.

Technical Data:

  • Power Consumption - 800 Watts
  • No Load Speed - 1,350-3,750 RPM
  • Circumferential Speed - 96.8 ft/sec
  • Weight according to EPTA - 7.1lbs
  • Tool Diameter - 6in.

SKU: Fein KS 10-38 E Kit