Euroboor ECO.36+/T Magnetic Drill with 1-7/16" in Drilling Capacity


The Euroboor ECO.36+/T magnetic core drilling machine is the lowest drilling machine in the market, measuring only 165 mm (6-1/2″) height. This magnetic core drilling machine is perfect for drilling in spaces with limited heights such as H-beams, steel structures, plates, profiles, etc. The portable ECO.36+/T is equipped with innovative electronics which offer more safety, significantly reduce the risk of damage of the machine, tool and workpiece and protects the user in case of excessive vibrations or sudden displacement. The lifespan is considerably longer and you avoid high maintenance costs.

Additional Features

  • One-speed gearbox
  • Carrying handle and safety strap attachment
  • Left and right mount ability of detachable ratchet feed handle
  • Integrated tool cooling and lubrication
  • Removable and slideable safety guard
  • Reduced risk of damaging machine, tools and workpiece and hurting operator
  • Suitable for use in areas and workplaces where power supply is of less quality
  • Reduced risk of armature damage
  • Reduced risk of control unit(s) damage
  • Timely service notification to avoid additional cost by unexpected downtime or unnecessary part replacement
  • Strong dual coil CNC machined 2-way magnet, causing the machine to use less energy, generate less heat and therefore lasts longer


Hole Capacity Power Speeds
1-7/16" Diameter 9.5 Amp / 110 Volt  400 - 700 RPM
Arbor Bore 3/4" Weldon Shank
Countersink Capacity 1-9/16" Diameter
Dimensions 6-1/2" H x 5-5/16" W x 12-3/16" L
Hole Capacity 1-7/16" Diameter
Magnet Base Size 3-1/8" x 6-5/16" x 1-7/16"
Magnetic Force (1" Plate) 2,645 lbs.
Motor Power 9.5 Amp | 110 Volt
Speed (10.5A Load) 400 rpm
Speed (No Load) 700 rpm
Stroke 1-9/16"
Twist Drill Capacity 9/16" Diameter
Height 6-1/2"
Weight 22.7 lbs

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