Carbide Tooth 16" Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade


Diameter: 16"
Teeth: 80
Arbor: 1"
Grind: TCG
Kerf: .102"
Rake: 0
Application: For use on low RPM saws for cutting mild steel.

Cut ferrous metals (mild steel) faster, cleaner, and easier. Save time, money, the environment, and not to mention...your respiratory health! Tenryu's Steel-Pro Series of steel cutting saw blades make light work out of all kinds of mild steel: steel studs, steel sheet, steel pipe, channel, threaded rod, and much more.

Specially formulated C-6 carbide grade, combined with a unique tip design, resists breakage on impact and lasts longer - much longer than standard carbides or abrasive discs. Special tooth geometry with "inserted" tooth design greatly improves tip security, efficiency, and durability.

* Rugged plates and specially formulated carbide tips with a special tooth grind for fast, clean cuts
* High quality cuts without the clouds of dust and scorch marks associated with friction blades
* Cool cuts that leave the work piece edge free of burrs
* Reduced cost-per-cut and maximized performance for the operator as a result of fewer blade changes.

SKU: TEN-40580D